know about us

AIBONO is a next dimension food & farming platform that unites two ends of the food chain from growing to consuming and creates an aggregate from seed-to-plate using the power of communities, artificial intelligence, and the internet.


In our world of a scattered food chain where the separation in distance and time between growers and consumers is causing food to perish, goodness to fade and money to lay waste – AIBONO paves the way to bring a fresh revolution to close this gap with a unifying platform; A Singularity from seed-to-plate™ proving to be the ultimate win-win between the stakeholders of food.

What we do

As the first-ever AI-powered aggregator of fresh produce in India, AIBONO is leading the $250 billion fruits & vegetable chain towards a transformation with its disruptive Seed-to-Plate™ platform. This empowers communities of farmers to achieve two times the yield, two times the income and less than half the wastage as before, by giving them precise insights derived from AI & shared farm intelligence on what to produce and how to produce it; While also enabling retailers & consumers to source super fresh farm produce all year round from a traceable aggregated source. 

About the name

The name AIBONO represents a brand-new way of being. It combines two essential elements – AI & BONO into a beautiful blend of head and heart, where AI or Artificial Intelligence is the replication of human intelligence into a shareable & scalable force to fuel revolution while Bono symbolizes the innate quality of using business to do good for the growers, sellers & consumers alike.

About Bono - our mascot

Our mascot Bono is a Mobius Fruit that stands for a transformation through unity and balance between the seed and the plate to inspire a better future for perishable food. Much like Einstien’s wormhole, it activates a 4th-dimensional singularity that replaces the 3rd-dimensional separation between growers and consumers in the form of a unifying internet platform stretching between the two ends of the food chain where we grow what we need and consume what is good.

Bono symbolizes the ultimate promise of the future of food – the 4th Revolution.